About us

Dist Upton-2Distribution Upton Inc.’s main goal is to integrate the railway into all aspects of the supply chain. Upon its foundation in 2003, the company adopted the mission of appropriately meeting the demand for the transportation, storage and transhipment of grains and grain products. The improvements made over the years have contributed to the company’s expansion. In 2007, Distribution Upton Inc. made major investments in the business, with the help of its financial partners, to modernize and greatly improve its loading/unloading operations. This move was a key part of the business’ growth, by demonstrating its importance in the region. Over time, other properties and related buildings were acquired for the flat storage of grain products. This has enabled us to diversify our product offering and make better use of the railway and our equipment. With continuous improvements yielding excellent results, other development projects continue to be added year after year.

Distribution Upton Inc.’s mission has also evolved, to better meet current needs.

Our mission: To foster rail transportation through simple and efficient transhipment activities.