Loading/unloading of rail cars and semi-trailers

Transhipment is the act of moving cargo from one building or vehicle to another. This is what we excel at! Our specialty is the transhipment of grains and grain products. For nearly 10 years, we have been honing our techniques, resulting in greater efficiency, shorter lead times, less loss during the transfer of bulk products and better quality.

Transhipment of grains and grain products

IMG_0405On average, Upton Distribution Inc. handles over 600 rail cars arriving with grains and grain products for animal feed each year. This is in addition to all the products that arrive by semi-trailer. In total, our equipment handles nearly 80,000 MT per year.

We offer versatility and precision: products can be unloaded and reloaded immediately, without being stored. Or, they can be stored and reloaded later. We are equipped with silos and flat-storage spaces that enable us to separate the products until they are ready for loading. The volumes of all incoming and outgoing products are calculated the same day, for close daily tracking of the products we handle. All semi-trailers are weighed on our scales, which are inspected annually to ensure their accuracy.


Products sent to Distribution Upton Inc. can be reloaded on a semi-trailer for local redistribution. They can be transported by the carrier of your choice or we can suggest our road transportation partners.

To move the rail cars on our property, we use a trackmobile. It is thanks to this equipment that we can offer a quick turnaround from the moment the rail cars arrive at Distribution Upton Inc.

Projects and development


Distribution Upton Inc. is always growing. For example, we have been host to a propane transfilling station since 2008. We are in charge of receiving the rail cars and transferring the product to semi-trailer.

Since its foundation, the company has also carried out several short-term projects, including unloading lumber cars, loading metal cars and more.
Have a project involving the railway? Contact us. We would be happy to help you carry it out!